Our Locations

S.E.E.K. Early Learning Center & Administrative Office

A developmental preschool, where toddler and infant care are also offered. This facility sports a private large, grass field, outdoor play gym and swing set. Our mission to make our community a better place through high quality, inclusive education.

Outpatient Therapy Clinics

Our Outpatient Therapy Clinics provide a traditional clinic environment, complete with all of the latest equipment to support our professional therapists, including a sensory and swing room. Our clinic also provides classroom environments that are structured like a school to provide programming for younger individuals, or those needing a more structured environment. We have clinics in the East and West valley.

Life Skills Therapy House

A therapy house that provides a functionally appropriate environment for teaching life skills and houses our Junior and Senior Life Skills Academies. This natural environment setting in a residential community affords a variety of resources for our instructors that a typical clinic does not offer.
S.E.E.K. Arizona provides programs and services in three innovative environments, in addition to a child or adult’s home.

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