Counseling Services

Life can sometimes throw us unanticipated challenges that are difficult to handle. Deciding to seek help through counseling is a sign of strength and courage and can lead to the support and tools needed to work through difficult issues, make positive life changes, and move toward a brighter future. 


Attending therapy can be intimidating and stressful, especially when trying to figure out next steps. S.E.E.K. Arizona’s counseling services are here to support you on your journey to recovery and wellness, wherever you may be on that journey. The clinical team will work you from day one to build rapport and tailor an approach and goals to help you become the best version of yourself. Their mission is to provide a comfortable and safe experience, working together with you and your strengths to provide treatment, support, and referrals. S.E.E.K. Arizona values communication and team involvement above all

We know from experience and the growing body of supportive literature […] that the therapeutic relationship a counselor forms with each client can be the most powerful tool for helping clients change.

Counseling services may be provided in-person, at two convenient locations, or via telehealth. We offer full range services in:


All ages – children, teens, and adults

Bilingual and bicultural services

Individual, couple/marital, family and group counseling

Specialities: Here are just a few of the counseling areas for which our staff holds proficiency:

Treatment Options: By no means all-inclusive, the following list is a sample of the treatment options and skills available:

Experience has demonstrated that family involvement is an integral part of the success of this service.

Our Process

An intake where we gather information and complete the required paperwork Our counselor meets the family and the person served (if a minor) to complete an assessment that includes some history of the family. Then rapport building and basic goal setting follows.

Developing a transition plan is part of the initiation of services. The transition plan is a specific part of the treatment plan that allows the person receiving counseling to be and feel successful (transition plan = discharge planning and is required by most funding sources).

During each session the counselor listens, redirects, interacts, encourages, provides positive feedback, educates, engages, and assists the person to reach a deeper quality of life. Throughout S.E.E.K. Arizona you will discover that we are service and support from referral to discharge. We accept UHC, AHCCCS, Aetna, and BCBC commercial plans.