Home-based services and caregiver guidance

S.E.E.K. Arizona offers ABA Therapy for clients of all ages who wish to learn appropriate, safe, and positive behavior choices to improve their quality of life and relationship with others. Behavior Technicians work with clients in center or in their homes targeting behaviors that lead to independence and successful interactions within a client’s living environment.

Clients Receive ABA Therapy To Target Some Or All Of The Following Areas:

Enjoy A Consistent And Premium Level Of Treatment

Clients and families who receive ABA Therapy through S.E.E.K. Arizona enjoy a
consistent and premium level of treatment from the onset of services.

A Behavior Plan developed by one of our experienced clinicians targets specific
areas that will improve a client’s life and lead to happy, healthy and safe choices.
Behavior Technicians are trained to implement the Behavior Plan that is specifically developed for your child.

Daily data, progress notes, and monthly evaluations are performed to ensure the
effectiveness of the Behavior Plan and to determine if any additional training or
modification is required. Meetings with case managers and other providers creates a consistent plan and continuity of care.

S.E.E.K. Arizona offers center-based and ABA Therapy in-home for clients receiving services through the RBHA, DDD, private insurance, and private pay. Please contact our office to request more information regarding behavior coaching for your family member, or to request an initial consultation.

Our team of licensed and certified Behavior Analysts follow empirically-validated steps to maximize your child’s treatment

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A clinician uses evaluation tools, such as ABLLS, VB-MAPP, or other formal assessments, to make determinations in skill deficits and target areas for growth and treatment.


Our clinicians then determine a best practice approach for your child’s individualized treatment. We train the technicians to work with you and your child towards individually contoured goals and outcomes. Parent feedback is incorporated as we develop what’s best for you and your child.


Your team of technicians implements a tailored Behavior Plan at the dosage of hours recommended by your clinician. Your clinician provides consistent supervision plus oversight to ensure that the client is making progress towards identified goals and outcomes.

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