Behavior Coaching

Behavioral Health Services
S.E.E.K. Arizona offers behavior coaching for clients who wish to learn appropriate, safe, and positive behavior choices to improve their quality of life and relationship with others. Behavior coaches work with clients in their home and community targeting behaviors that lead to independence and productive interactions within a client’s living environment.

Clients Receive Behavior Coaching To Target Some Or All Of The Following Areas:

- Self Regulation
- Daily/Independent Living
- Organization/Planning
- Executive Functioning
- Decreasing Aggression
- Anxiety/Coping
- Interpersonal Relationships
- Social Integration

Enjoy A Consistent And Premium Level Of Treatment

Clients and families who receive behavior coaching through S.E.E.K. Arizona enjoy a consistent and premium level of treatment from the onset of services.

A Behavior Plan developed by one of our Master’s level behavior therapists targets specific areas that will improve a client’s life and lead to happy, healthy and productive choices. Behavior coaches are trained to implement the Behavior Plan that is specifically developed for a client, and rely upon a family approach to treatment—parents and siblings are active participants in the development and implementation of a Behavior Plan.

Daily data, progress notes, and monthly treatment evaluations and summaries are performed to ensure the appropriateness of the Behavior Plan and to determine if any additional training or modification is required. Meetings with case managers and other providers creates a consistent plan and continuity of care.

S.E.E.K. Arizona offers in-home behavior coaching support for clients receiving services through the RBHA, DDD, private insurance, and private pay. Please contact our office to request more information regarding behavior coaching for your family member, or to request an initial consultation.
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