Professional Training & Development

Center Based Services
S.E.E.K. Arizona offers professional development seminars and trainings on a variety of behavioral topics for diverse audiences.

Learning And Strategic Planning For Parents

Our Master’s-level trainers deliver engaging and interactive discussions and workshops that lead to learning and strategic planning for parents, educators, administrators, case managers, and clients themselves.

Sample Topics Include

- HELP! How can I control my child’s behavior?
- Positive behavior strategies in the classroom
- Introduction to the principles of behavior
- Tools in the toolbox: delivering habilitation with behavior supports
- Generalization: behavioral support across environments
- Advanced topics in Behavior Analysis
- Skill acquisition programs and training
- Verbal behavior programs and training

Proactive And Positive Behavior Strategies

Programs are contoured to maximize the most appropriate audience, time and topics. Follow up sessions and opportunities for direct observation and client contact make S.E.E.K. Arizona’s professional trainings particularly appealing to schools and agencies looking to “apply” the skills taught and learned in these classes.

Utilizing empirically validated research, applied behavior analysis strategies are developed, targeted strategies that assist in the reduction and replacement of difficult or “inappropriate” target behaviors. In addition, proactive and positive behavior strategies help to target and minimize behaviors before they arise.

Our professionals specialize in the theory and application of these evidence-based techniques that provide relief for the frustrated parent or overwhelmed educator.
Please contact the S.E.E.K. Arizona office to schedule a training or seminar, or to request more information about the various educational programs available. We would be more than happy to contour a program or training to best suit your needs and expectations. 
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