Occupational Therapy

Professional Therapy Services
Occupational Therapy (OT) provides skilled treatment that helps an individual achieve progress toward physical and social goals. The primary focus of OT is to assist people in developing the “skills for the job of living” necessary to lead independent and satisfying lives. For younger clients, these activities include eating, playing, and interacting appropriately with family members and friends.

Skills For The Job Of Living

Teenage and young adult clients learn vocational and pre-vocational skills, as well as access to community and financial management. Additional target skills include: fine, gross, and visual motor; self-help; sensory; and psychosocial.

Individual or Group Occupational Therapy Services

Individual or group OT services are delivered in various locations, depending on need: in-home, at S.E.E.K. Arizona’s Therapy Clinic & Therapy House, The Early Learning Center, or in schools.

Parents, case managers, principals, or support coordinators wishing to obtain information about our OT services can do so by contacting the S.E.E.K. Arizona office.

DDD, AHCCCS, health insurance, and private pay options are available for all OT programs.
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