Direct Care Services

S.E.E.K. Arizona provides direct care services with an enhanced expectation. Both classroom and in-home trainings are provided by specialists utilizing effective, researched-based techniques. This in turn maximizes the skills of your direct care provider, and increases therapeutic effectiveness for your son or daughter.

We provide direct care services in three important areas

1. Respite Care

Provides the consumer’s caregiver relief through short-term care and supervision.

2. Habilitation

Teaches a consumer communicative, cognitive, motor, social and adaptive skills. Individualized goals are developed specifically to suit each consumer’s needs.

Specialists develop habilitation goals and objectives that are individually personalized to suit you and your child’s needs.

3. Attendant Care

Provides consumers with assistance with daily living duties (feeding, bathing, dressing, etc).
Respite and attendant care staff receive multiple, intensive skill trainings so that a client’s needs are met safely and respectfully.
S.E.E.K. Arizona accepts funding from DDD, RBHA, AHCCCS, Mercy Care Plan, and offers private pay options for Direct Care services. 
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