COVID-19, S.E.E.K. Arizona Programs

Our team at S.E.E.K. Arizona has worked hard to develop treatment delivery through telemedicine and the building of virtual, online programming in response to the needs of our community through the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Online program opportunities include:

Group Counseling, which promotes personal growth and peer interaction by allowing participants to communicate and learn from one another.

Pre-Teen Group Counseling, which helps youths ages 9 – 13 enhance social and emotional connections, boost problem-solving capabilities and increase flexibility and self-awareness.

Teen Group Counseling for Social Skills, which benefits teenagers between 14 and 17 who have autism spectrum and other mood disorders by promoting peer interactions and verbal communications.

Life Skills Academy, which helps participants in different age groups hone living and social skills in a group context.

Brief Early Intervention Program, which supports youths between 3 and 5 who need individualized support adapting to inclusive preschool programs.

Remote Parent Training, which helps families and caregivers provide care based upon the foundational principles of applied behavior analysis.

All of our behavioral health services are also now available in a telemedicine format:

Telemedicine Counseling is individual and family counseling that allows youths and young adults to make behavioral changes that strengthen familial connections and reduce associated stresses. Services are conducted through a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine app.

Focused Behavior Support for Behavior Reduction, which is an individualized treatment that seeks to reduce aggression, non-compliance, self-injury, and similar behavior.
For more information about enrolling in any of these programs, contact