Life Skills Learning Academies

Center Based Services

Promoting Individual Independence As Well As Interpersonal Skills.

The Life Skills Learning Academies at S.E.E.K. Arizona provide the most progressive opportunity for your child to learn a behavior repertoire that is meaningful and useful to them.

About Our Approach

Our novel approach utilizes our Life Skills Therapy House—a four bedroom, 1800 square foot home that gives numerous opportunities for participants to work on skills that, once mastered, can generalize to their own living environment.

Academies revolve around four essential domains: Practical Living, Character Development, Consumer Relations, and Health and Wellness.

These four components comprise the framework for successful and independent life skills participants, and all daily classroom activities are geared toward these domains.

The Junior

Life Skills Learning Academies

Our Junior Life Skills Learning Academy promotes basic acquisition of skills that learners need for success at home, in school, and in their community at large. Participants ages 8-12 engage in activities that promote individual independence as well as interpersonal skills.

Specific activities include: basic money skills; exercise and diet; turn taking; winning and losing; appropriate peer interactions; and a beginner repertoire of vacuuming, cooking, and cleaning. Participants also learn alternatives to poor behavior decisions that involve self regulation, making better choices, and taking calming or cooling time away from a situation. 

The Senior

Life Skills Learning Academies

The Senior Life Skills Learning Academy encourages participants to refine and maintain their skill set that will empower and enable them to earn more trust and independence at home, in school, and in their community at large. Participants ages 13-19 work on skills that truly demonstrate their individuality and address problems and questions that are important to them.

S.E.E.K. Arizona accepts service authorizations from the RBHA, AHCCCS, Mercy Care Plan and offers private pay options.

Participation in the Life Skills Academies leads to healthy development and positive interactions with peers. In a safe and controlled environment, the magic takes place: participants quickly become peers, and peers become friends.
In our Life Skills Learning Academies the friendships last a lifetime. Space is limited; contact S.E.E.K. Arizona right away to start your son or daughter on their path to a healthy and happy life through our Life Skills Learning Academies.
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Topics & Activities

Topics and activities include: choices about bullying; saving money and spending wisely; cooking full meals; developing friends; talking to the opposite sex; confidence and shyness; yoga, stretching, running, and various sports activities; healthy and unhealthy foods; and an advanced repertoire of maintaining different areas in the home.

Participants share their experiences–both positive and negative–to foster a caring, trusting and safe environment where meaningful learning can occur.