ABA Early Intervention

Center Based Services
Utilizing the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), this functional and intensive program is designed to help young learners overcome barriers that make it difficult for them to succeed in other settings. Our intensive programmatic approach to language development, social play, and group learning help build the skills necessary for inclusion in mainstream classrooms.

Clients in the ABA Early Intervention Program Target the Following Areas

- Verbal Behavior
- Social Play
- Following Instructions
- Functional Communication Training
- Group Learning
- Foundational Classroom Skills
- Undesirable “Problem” Behavior

The Benefits of Choosing SEEK Arizona’s Center-Based Model

Consistent and structured teaching setting to help learners thrive.
Daily one-on-one instruction to maximize progress towards treatment goals.
An individualized Behavior Plan to reduce unwanted behavior.
A skill acquisition program tailored to meet individual developmental needs.
Training and support are provided to families within the classroom and in the home setting.
Customized plans and training provided by a Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Our team of licensed and certified Behavior Analysts follow empirically-validated steps to maximize your child’s treatment

1. Assess — A clinician uses evaluation tools, such as ABLLS, VB-MAPP, or other formal assessments, to make determinations in skill deficits and target areas for growth and treatment.
2. Plan — Our clinicians then determine a best practice approach for your child’s individualized treatment. We train the technicians to work with you and your child towards individually contoured goals and outcomes. Parent feedback is incorporated as we develop what’s best for you and your child.
3. Implement — Your team of technicians implements a tailored Behavior Plan at the dosage of hours recommended by your clinician. Your clinician provides consistent supervision plus oversight to ensure that the client is making progress towards identified goals and outcomes.  
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