Counseling Services

Behavioral Health Services
S.E.E.K. Arizona counseling services focus on improving the quality of life for the person receiving services. We strive to improve communication skills, identify and manage emotions and build self-esteem. We begin the process by building rapport and meeting the person receiving service where they are.

Counseling methods are tailored to each person for we believe that the diagnosis does not define the person. We value communication and team involvement. We strive to follow the 12 principles of the DHS & AHCCCS “Arizona Vision” for providing services.
As I watched her healing happen, I began to see how much I was in need of healing and getting myself well…
– Frederick Buechne
Counseling services may be provided in the home, in S.E.E.K. Arizona outpatient treatment clinic or possibly wherever the child calls home. This is often determined by insurance or funding sources. Areas of Focus:
- Emotion identification and regulation
- Coping skills development
- Increasing self-esteem
- Learning social skills and cues
- Learning and/or increasing communication skills
- Decreasing impulsivity
- Obtaining and/or learning self-soothing skills
- Positive alternatives to physical aggression
- Family education and skill practice
Goal oriented counseling typically spans 6-8 months with weekly one hour sessions. This can be tailored more specifically to the needs of the person and the family needing services. Experience has shown us that family involvement is an integral part of the success of this service.

The road to change begins with …

An intake where we gather information and complete the required paperwork Our counselor meets the family and the person served (if a minor) to complete an assessment that includes some history of the family. Then rapport building and basic goal setting follows.

Developing a transition plan is part of the initiation of services. The transition plan is a specific part of the treatment plan that allows the person receiving counseling to be and feel successful (transition plan = discharge planning and is required by most funding sources).

During each session the counselor listens, redirects, interacts, encourages, provides positive feedback, educates, engages, and assists the person to reach a deeper quality of life. Throughout S.E.E.K. Arizona you will discover that we are service and support from referral to discharge. We provide these services for Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care (RHBA) health insurance or private pay clients.
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