Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Services

Behavioral Health Services
Parents can be overwhelmed and frustrated by the behaviors their child exhibits. Sometimes dangerous, possibly embarrassing—always exhausting—parents are constantly searching for the right treatment for challenging or harmful behaviors.

S.E.E.K. Arizona’s Behavioral Health Services provide children with intense, specialized support to target behaviors to reduce, eliminate, or replace with more socially acceptable ones. S.E.E.K. Arizona showcases licensed Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) to treat such behaviors with sensitivity, dignity, and professional expertise.

Using research-validated principles of applied behavior analysis

Our Behavior Analysts can determine courses of action for many forms of behavior, for example:
- Self-injury (SIB)
- Property Destruction
- Organization/Time Management
- Executive Functioning
- Self Regulation
- Anxiety And Coping
- Physical Aggression
- Independent Living
Parents know that S.E.E.K. Arizona is the logical treatment choice for their child’s behavior: we are more than just consultation−we are service and support, from referral to discharge.

We provide these services for DDD HBM/HBB, Magellan, health insurance or private pay clients. To request more information, or to schedule time to consult with a BCBA, please contact S.E.E.K. Arizona.  

The road to improvement begins with assessment

The road to improvement begins with an assessment by our BCBA that includes a variety of tools, such as interviews, severity scales, Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), functional analysis, and other means to gauge a child’s behavior and aid in development of an appropriate treatment approach.

Coupled with input from parents, teachers, and other professionals, the BCBA develops a Behavior Plan—a set of protocols and instructions for treatment—specifically for each child.

Our Behavioral Health department provides support throughout the entire process as our BCBA interacts and trains skilled S.E.E.K. Arizona behavior coaches, habilitators, and parents to implement the Behavior Plan for consistent and continuous treatment. Session data is collected and analyzed, and monthly evaluations determine if modifications to the Behavior Plan are needed.
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