Referring Agencies

Center Based Services
For a complete directory of S.E.E.K. Arizona’s services, please download our Directory of Services.

To refer a child who is currently authorized for services or request information relating to services through S.E.E.K. Arizona please call 480-902-0771 or email the departments below.
Behavioral Health Referrals
Developmental Preschool
Direct Support Services
Professional Therapy
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Pediatricians, case managers, and support coordinators

Requesting Behavioral Health Services through the State of Arizona should follow these steps when submitting a referral:

Step 1: Review the Behavioral Health Services Guide to determine appropriateness of our service for the child.
Step 2: Complete the Behavioral Health Referral Form and submit it to
Step 3: Before referral can be reviewed, the supplemental information outlined in the Behavioral Health Referral Form must also be submitted to