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Center Based Services
We know that selecting an agency to support your family is an important decision. To assist you in accessing our services or in referring your child or family member to S.E.E.K. Arizona, we have compiled the following information for you.

For a complete directory of S.E.E.K. Arizona’s services, please download our Directory of Services. To access a complete guide of resources and services within our community, visit

To refer a child who is currently authorized for services or request information relating to services through S.E.E.K. Arizona please call 480-902-0771 or email the departments below.
For families without insurance or those needing assistance with enrollment into the Regional Behavioral Health Authority or the Division of Developmental Disabilities, we have included links to their websites as well as quick Instructions for Accessing Services.
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Behavioral Health Referrals 
Direct Support Services Referrals
Professional Therapy